Fleet Branding

Maximum brand exposure and instant brand recognition!

Turn an asset you already own into an effective marketing tool – working for you 24x7 / 365 days a year.

While they’re on the road, parked in front of your business or on a delivery or sales call you have an opportunity to put your name in front of 1000’s of potential new customers every day.

Brand name recognition is the cornerstone of business; ensuring that your company is being seen is essential. If you have a fleet of vehicles on the roads, they’re being seen by the people stuck next to them in traffic; by other drivers as they check their mirrors, by pedestrians when the vehicles are moving past them on the road.

With our fleet graphics, your vehicles become billboards and advertisements for your company 24x7/365 days a year.

Additional benefits of fleet branding:

  • Increased security – make your vehicle easily identifiable
  • Reach a wider audience – not a specific targeted audience, a non-interruptive approach
  • High visibility – seen everywhere, all day, every day
  • Local Audience – show new customers their neighbors are doing business with you

It’s not just brand recognition that vehicle wrapping helps to achieve. You can use van and truck wraps as a call to action; include a phone number, website, or email address.

You can sell your business and be noticed by those who tend to be unaffected by conventional advertising. Keep a constant presence in the eyes of the public, every time one of your vehicles is on the road.

We offer a variety of products that can be used across an entire fleet of vehicles. We are a trusted vendor for graphics on: 

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Trucks of all sizes, from huge 18 wheelers to small tradesman vans.
  • Trailers
  • Tractors

With our commitment to efficient and accurate communication, excellent work quality, and a full range of installation and removal services, you won’t be disappointed.

Contact us today for your branding or re-branding fleet services.