Fleet Wraps

Creative and different get noticed!

Every vehicle in your fleet can provide a powerful, visual mobile message to a broad audience of consumers. Fleet wraps – either full or partial get noticed, and keep your brand remarkable while your potential customers are on the road. Reach all ages, backgrounds, income, professionals, and families during their travels.

Fleet vehicle wraps can also provide a perfectly flexible solution for your fleet re-branding needs, too.

Create a revitalized look across your entire fleet by removing the old and installing a new fresh look. We can help with each piece of the process. From removal and cleanup to design and installation, SignSmith is your partner for keeping your fleet presenting the best visual version for your company.

We can design something new or use existing graphics and branding – with over 20 years of experience we’ve worked with clients in many different ways, contact us to find out more.

We can install at our shop or yours – we’ll travel to your location to install as needed.

Call us at 207-450-7667 or get an estimate for your fleet wraps today.